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never let the truth spoil a good story

recollection of rokolectiv

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Sinner DC – enjoyable, but no thrills

JuJu And Jordash – boring

Move D – boring (macbook music for macbook people)

Legowelt pres Nacho Patrol – great music for hotel lobbies and similar; to improvised to be really good; a sax twist

Rochite – wordless

Omar S – beautiful straightforward clean cut „hit me ‘cause I can take it” repetitive music

Turzi – the headbanging music of 2010, with a jim morrison-esque lead singer and a mad crew, they put the rock back into the rokolectiv and made me wanna pogo. let it be noted that I want to be a drummer in the next life.

Dan Deacon –  is this an electronically  distorted version of Ronald McDonald or a mad preacher of a seventh day adventist church leading his cult in a crazy american gym euphoria?  shopping mall entertainment mixed with A grade chaos music. I got into the zone only for the last two songs, but the zone was good.

The Ark – bad sound, average vibe

MNAC – bad sound, museum vibe, the eternal question about what the jandarms are thinking about all this

Overall – excellent!


Written by ghelme

Aprilie 26, 2010 la 10:16 am

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  1. ROCHITE a fost intr-adevar ireal!!!


    Mai 2, 2010 at 11:11 pm

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